The Coleman Furnace Looks and Feels Right
The Coleman 80% efficient mobile home gas furnace features a designer appearance that will look and
feel right in your home. The sculptured door and contoured corners help enhance any decor.

Behind the appealing exterior design this Coleman furnace starts with a proven sealed-combustion, down
flow (ductwork under the floor) supply air design. Sealed-combustion safely draws combustion air from
outside to minimize noise and drafts while increasing operating efficiency.

Air Conditioning ready
The Coleman DGAH series gas furnaces are air conditioning ready and can serve as the indoor blower
section for up to four tons of cooling. (An optional five-ton blower is available).

Simply add the Coleman evaporator cooling coil into the furnace cabinet and an outdoor air conditioning
condenser and you will have a complete home comfort system.

The heart of the system is a long-life, tubular heat exchanger. Many heat exchangers are designed using
a highly stressed, deep-drawn drum construction. The Coleman furnace features a corrosion-resistant,
aluminized steel, wraparound exchanger with round-corner construction for excellent stress resistance
and superior heat distribution.

Propane and natural gas ready
Conversion to propane gas is fast and easy. All models are provided with a convertible gas valve and
gas orifices for both natural and propane gas.